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CO2Sense works with Igloo

May 11th, 2012 | 9:51 am

CO2Sense will work with Igloo, the company that owns the Round Foundry and Marshall’s Mill in Leeds city centre, to help assess the energy, water and waste management fo the buildings. CO2Sense will then work with Igloo, Creative Space, the company that manages the properties, and the tenants to cut the carbon emissions.

Igloo is committed to cutting the carbon emissions of their properties, and the work by CO2Sense will fit with the companies “Footprint” sustainability investment policy. CO2Sense will carry out a review of the energy and water consumed by the buildings, then benchmark their performance against industry standards.

Igloo will then get a full report giving recommendations for cutting water and energy use, reducing the carbon emissions of the properties, as well as the long term energy and water costs. The plan will also look at the possibility of generating renewable heat and electricity for the buildings on-site. This would not only considerably cut the carbon emissions from the properties, as well as energy bills, but could also be able to earn payments from Renewable Heat Incentive or Feed-in Tariff.

CO2Sense are new tenants at Marshall’s Mill, and will work collaboratively to help reduce the carbon emissions of the building.

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