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CO2Sense part fund peer-to-peer wind energy scheme

February 11th, 2016 | 12:06 pm

CO2Sense is pleased to announce it has partnered with Abundance Generation, the innovative renewable energy peer-to-peer investment platform, to part fund a 500kW wind project in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

The project, which has been developed by Upper Pitforthie Windgen, will utilise an Enercon E-48 wind turbine to provide power to a local biomass woodchip drying facility run by North Eastern Fuels. The project will therefore earn an income from a direct power off-take and some export to the grid. Construction is underway with partners including MES Power Engineering and Whitefield Contracting and is expected to be commissioned in summer 2016. Further details on the project can be found at

The instrument used to finance the project was a 1 year construction bond, structured and marketed by Abundance through their peer-to-peer investment platform. The bond has been subscribed to by private individuals as well as other funds, demonstrating the breadth of funding options that peer-to peer investment can open up. It will be refinanced through a long term debenture marketed through the same platform after 12 months. Further details on Abundance Generation can be found at

Commenting on the investment, Charlotte Eddington of CO2Sense said:

'We are pleased to have been able to work with Abundance Generation to subscribe to this construction bond, and part fund a project that will provide significant benefit to a local woodchip drying business. We see peer-to-peer investing as an increasingly popular way to finance schemes and to gain access to good projects which can meet a variety of investor mandates'.

Commenting on working with CO2Sense, Louise Wilson of Abundance said:

'We are pleased to have secured funding from CO2Sense for this project and look forward to working on future opportunities together. We have found CO2Sense’s flexibility and knowledge of the renewable energy sector to be amongst the best in the industry and recommend them to anyone seeking a flexible funding partner'.

The investment is yet another demonstration of CO2Sense's flexible approach to financing schemes. We will continue to fund renewable energy projects through our core development, bridging, acquisition and construction loans, but are also keen to consider opportunities in the wider environmental sector. If you would like to discuss funding for a scheme, please contact us on 0113 247 3848 or e-mail


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