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CO2Sense launch community acquisition loan

April 1st, 2015 | 11:36 am

CO2Sense are pleased to announce the launch of our new acquisition loan, designed specifically to help community organisations acquire a stake in renewable energy schemes ahead of launching a shareoffer.

There is a growing demand for community ownership of renewable energy, stimulated in part by the government’s community energy strategy launched in 2014. In addition, the commercial sector now voluntarily offers communities the right to buy into schemes over a certain size via the Shared Ownership Protocol. The protocol details 3 routes to shared ownership:

Whilst these structures create more avenues for communities to access ownership, they require community organisations to be able to access sometimes significant amounts of funding. This can be difficult to raise from traditional sources especially if the project is pre-construction. Recognising these challenges, CO2Sense have created an acquisition loan which can be delivered quickly, giving community groups the opportunity to buy into pre-consent, consented or operational scheme.

The loan would be repaid via a community share offer or bank debt. This arrangement allows the organisation the time to acquire a project, or rights within a project, before being able to raise construction finance or launch a share offer.

To find out more about the community acquisition loan or to discuss a project, please contact Kulraj Heer on 0113 247 3848 or e-mail


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