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CO2Sense Investment Fund Open

October 1st, 2013 | 8:29 am

CO2Sense have launched a new fund to provide capital for development-stage renewable energy projects.

The fund will provide support for projects in the difficult pre-planning and planning stages, by providing:

-           Development loans to fund works required to reach planning consent

-           Bridging loans to cover costs between planning permission and      construction

-           Short-term loans to cover construction costs

The fund is also open to both private developer and community energy projects and specialises in investing in anaerobic digestion, biomass CHP, wind and hydro technologies.

Over a million pound of investment is available for early-stage projects. Flexible investment packages can be provided.

The fund is a revolving fund with all capital repayments being returned and used for further investment.

Jemma Benson, Associate Director at CO2Sense, says:

“Sourcing finance can be extremely challenging for early-stage renewable projects as they are deemed high-risk by traditional lenders. We have specialised in early stage investment and under our status as a community interest company, we aim to fill this finance gap by providing essential capital to these projects with a return to reflect the risks that we are taking.”

The exact terms will vary on a project by project basis, depending on how we rate the risks within the project and level of security we are able to have.

Closing date for application is 30th November 2013. Applications will be accepted after this date however it is advisable to apply early.

To apply please send a business plan and any further supplementary information to support an application to Jemma Benson or to discuss the investment offer and your application please call Jemma Benson on 0113 247 3846.


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