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CO2Sense invest in biofuel based electricity generation project

October 24th, 2016 | 11:09 am

In July 2016, CO2Sense invested via the innovative peer-to-peer lending platform Abundance Investment, acting as an anchor investor to refinance a portfolio of biofuel based electricity generating power stations owned and operated by Living Power.

The Living Power portfolio is split across 4 sites in Selby, Leeds, RAF Bentwaters and Hockwold and has a total of 26.2MW in capacity. The sites consume 4,000 tonnes of used cooking oil collected from restaurants, manufacturing facilities and public sector clients to produce 15,000 MWh per annum of electricity. The electricity generated is used to provide grid balancing services under the National Grid’s Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) mechanism and is also used to provide power during periods of peak demand or low supply.

The investment into Living Power was raised through a debenture structured by Abundance and was hosted on their peer-to-peer investment platform, allowing both institutions and individuals to invest. The debenture raised a total of £2.47 million and repaid an existing loan, freeing up capital for Living Power’s shareholder, REG Power Management, and enabling it to grow and develop further sites. The debenture will be repaid over 7 years.

The investment from CO2Sense represents a continued relationship with the peer-to-peer and crowd funding sector and demonstrates our flexibility towards deployment of capital. If you are involved in funding environmental projects through peer-to-peer investment platforms and are seeking either anchor investment or an underwriting facility for the fundraise, or if you are involved in STOR and grid balancing projects, please contact us on 0113 247 3848 or e-mail


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