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Clugston’s working with CO2Sense to become leaders in sustainable distribution

June 29th, 2012 | 7:56 am

CO2Sense and Clugston’s are working together to develop a sustainability strategy that will help Clugston’s to cut their emissions and hit long term, low carbon goals. So far, CO2Sense has identified that Clugsston’s could be saving £21,000 each year.

The strategy focuses on reducing waste, water use and energy consumption. By assessing how the company uses their energy and water, and how they manage waste, CO2Sense will be able to identify how Clugston’s can become more efficient. This will help them to cut their costs, and make sure their business has environmental policies in place to make sure they are as sustainable as possible.

CO2Sense has carried out the environmental assessment on the company’s site, which has found the cost and carbon savings for the company. The results of the review will also be used as a baseline to measure the success of future low carbon changes the company makes.

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