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Clayton Hall Farm Bioenergy LLP expands to 1MW

June 29th, 2015 | 3:28 pm

CO2Sense is pleased to announce that Clayton Hall Farm Bioenergy LLP, one of the first investments made by CO2Sense, has started construction on a second digester to expand its generating capacity to 1MW. 

The project, located in Clayton West, West Yorkshire, was originally constructed in 2011 with a power output of 700kW and one anaerobic digester. It was supported by CO2Sense with a £600,000 investment split between a loan and a revenue share agreement, technical advice in developing the scheme, and continued ad hoc support throughout the project’s operation. The investment enabled the original scheme to attract further funding to become operational, whilst the support has helped to make sure the project operates smoothly. After 4 years of successful operation, the project has gone on to attract further funding for the addition of a second digester.

The project has been of significant benefit to the local community. Not only has it hosted educational trips to help students learn more about renewable energy, but when running at full output has generated enough electricity to supply 1,672 average UK homes. The second digester will enable the project to generate enough electricity for 717 additional UK homes.

Commenting on the success of the scheme, the project owner Neil Gemmell said,

‘The support and finance from CO2Sense to develop the original project has been invaluable to us. With it, we have been able to build and maintain an excellent plant, which has provided us with the credentials to obtain further funding for expansion. CO2Sense’s flexibility throughout their involvement in the project has been second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending their funding to anyone looking to develop a project.’

CO2Sense are an experienced investor in renewable energy projects with a track record dating back to 2009. We are able to offer flexible finance to help de-risk projects and enable delivery. If you are developing a renewable energy project between 200kW and 5MW, and are looking for funding, contact or call 0113 247 3848 for an informal discussion.


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