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Changes to the Feed-in Tariff due in July

May 11th, 2012 | 10:26 am

The Feed-in Tariff has undergone some well-publicised changes over the last six months. The most marked have been the proposed reductions to the solar PV tariff, which was then deemed unlawful in court and had to be altered. But the rates have now been agreed, and these rates will be fixed until July 2012.

The next set of changes, it has now been announced, will take place in July and October 2012. There are two consultations out to inform these changes at the moment (you can see these here).

The announcements from DECC in July will be about further reductions to the Solar PV tariff, with announcements on other technologies to be announced in October 2012. It is expected that there will also be reductions in the tariff for wind turbines as well as solar PV.

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