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Case Study

£300,000 investment from CO2Sense for 1MW hydroelectric plant

In 2012 CO2Sense invested £300,000 in a hydroelectric plant in North Wales. The plant will produce approximately 3,000MWh of electricity each year, enough to power 720 homes.

The system uses relatively small amounts of water taken from two small rivers, and maximises the height over which the water falls (the head) to make the most of the power available from the rivers. The penstocks and pipes used in the installation are underground, meaning that there is very little visual evidence of the plant.

Construction finished in October 2013 and the plant is now operational. It will earn around £350,000 per year from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and cut carbon emissions by approximately 1596 tonnes per year.

Returns from CO2Sense investments are reinvested to fund further renewable energy projects in the UK. Flexible finance is available to cover costs associated with project development.


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