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Case Study

CO2Sense invests in planned 12MW community wind farm


In 2011 and 2014, CO2Sense invested £50,000 into a 12MW community wind farm being developed by the Roseland Community Energy Trust.

Situated near Bolsover in Derbyshire, the wind farm will provide an estimated £750,000 worth of community benefit each year. This money will be distributed to the local community through Community & Voluntary  Partnerships; a local charity, and LEO; the Local Enterprise Organisation, which supports small businesses and which is also a charity.

The project, once constructed will have the capacity to generate energy for up to 9,000 homes and the potential to save 214,500 tonnes of carbon  dioxide over 10 years.

The investment from CO2Sense was split into two investments of £25,000. The first in 2011, was used to fund final costs for the project planning submission. The second in 2014, contributed towards the planning appeal costs. The investment will be repaid if the project is successful at the planning appeal.

Returns from CO2Sense investments are reinvested to fund further renewable energy projects in the UK. Flexible finance is available to cover costs associated with project development, including for community owned projects.



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