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Case Study

CO2Sense investment makes holiday getaway green

In 2011, CO2Sense invested £25,000 in a 60kW biomass boiler situated at Bivouac, an award winning holiday destination in the Yorkshire Dales. The boiler has allowed Bivouac to adhere to its ethos and meet its commitments to sustainable tourism.

The plant uses around 58 tones of wood chip per year sourced from the nearby Swinton Estate. Delivering heat to the onsite cafe, shop, washing areas and bunk barn, the boiler has significantly reduced the heating bill at Bivouac and helped to hedge against rising fuel costs.

The RHI payments for the boiler will initially go towards paying back the £25,000 investment from CO2Sense.

Returns from CO2Sense investments are reinvested to fund further renewable energy projects in the UK. Flexible finance is available to cover costs associated with project development. 



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