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Case Study

CO2Sense invest in Powervault

In June 2016, CO2Sense invested in the electricity storage company Powervault as part of a wider fund raise to help lower production costs and grow the business.

Powervault offers a domestic-scale battery storage system that is typically 50% cheaper than market competitors. The system is based on Lithium-ion technology and is compatible with all solar PV and smart meter systems. The system also allows emergency energy usage in the event of a power cut on the main grid. The Powervault system is estimated to enable households electricity bill savings of up to 20% and carbon savings of up to 0.3 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

CO2Sense made the investment in the form of equity with a view to exit within 5 years. Being an active investor, CO2Sense are also providing help and support where we can in the form of business development opportunities to help Powervault grow.

If you are an early stage company in the environmental sector looking for growth funding in the form of either debt or equity, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.


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