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Case Study

CO2Sense investment makes farm £28,000 per year better off

CO2Sense invested £34,000 in Carlshead Farm, near Wetherby, to fund a new biomass boiler system that heats the farm’s business centre and two farm houses.

The system will use biomass fuel produced by the farm, meaning that the farm will save £13,000 on fuel costs each year. Carlshead will also earn around £15,000 each year from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These payments from the government are guaranteed for twenty years.

As well as making substantial financial savings, and an extra income for the farm, the boiler will cut carbon emissions by almost 400 tonnes each year.

Returns from CO2Sense investments are reinvested to fund further renewable energy projects in the UK. Flexible finance is available to cover costs associated with project development.


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