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About Us

CO2Sense is an ethical investor in environmental projects and companies. We manage an evergreen investment fund established by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (formerly the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills). All returns from our investment activity are either re-invested into the fund or used to promote our community objectives.

CO2Sense was established in 2009 and since that time we have helped businesses and public-sector organisations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and their costs. Through grants and consultancy we helped businesses that sell low-carbon products to become more successful. From August 2013 we refined our business to concentrate solely on our investment offer. 

CO2Sense also owns a subsidiary company (CO2Sense Pantycelyn Limited) which owns and operates a 500kW wind turbine. The turbine provides a steady income stream that allows the team to explore more innovative projects and investments. To find out more about our turbine, and our experience in developing and operating wind power, please click here.

CO2Sense is proud to be a Community Interest Company and actively supports community and commercial renewable energy and environmental projects.  We are a not for profit company which means that our surpluses are re-invested to enable us to support more renewable energy projects. We are also active members of the Renewable Energy Association and Community Energy England

To find out more about our team, click here


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