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Cutting Energy Costs

With demand for energy forecast to increase, and with supplies at risk of falling as older power stations close, energy prices are a big risk to most businesses. We'll find ways of reducing your energy spend. For example, this could be by investing in newer, more efficient lighting systems or production machinery, or by making changes to your processes.

Cut energy, boost profits

A detailed review of your business, including your premises and equipment, can reveal valuable opportunities to cut energy use. We'll work with your team to analyse your energy use and to spot areas where savings can be made. Then, using our knowledge of the latest innovative technologies, we'll help you to make savings in your energy bills which will go directly to your bottom line.

Get paid to switch off

If you can stop receiving electricity from the National Grid for short periods – for example, if you have backup generators, or if you have refrigeration plant that can cope without electricity for a few hours at a time – then you could receive payments from the National Grid for entering into a Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) contract. We can work with you to find out how you could benefit from these guaranteed payments.

Contact us today to find out how you could cut energy costs and even receive payments from the National Grid.


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